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Iowa Travel Nurse with Long Term Care patient

A travel company for nurses, by nurses.

Your adventure awaits!

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A healthcare position that fits every nurse.

let highland take care of your healthcare needs

Whatever is needed, we'll make sure you get the best; whether a facility or nurse.

Healthcare Professionals
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We can provide you with local travel contracts within the state of Iowa & Nebraska for RNs and more. Primarily between 6, 8, and 13 week-long contracts.

All of your staffing needs in one place! We can provide you full access to a range of flexible staffing solutions. Our experts are only a call away.

Iowa Nurse with stethoscope MS OB ER L&D
Our Mission

To serve healthcare professionals in the medical travel arena in order to achieve a fulfilling career. We aim to deliver quality patient care in the ideal work environment with the schedule flexibility to support a healthy work-life balance. We are committed to being the most respected medical professional travel company in our region.

Our Vision

We aim to provide high-quality, committed, and honest medical professionals to healthcare organizations at the local, regional, and national level; we seek to remain the preferred source for medical staffing.

Our Values

Commitment – remain committed to healthcare staffing, true teamwork, and an open exchange of ideas. 

Compassion – exude high empathy for all individuals. 

Integrity – remain honest and following a high moral compass. 

Quality – remain customer focused to produce desired results. 

Transparency – communicate without omitting key information

quality, balance, & commitment.

You’ll immediately be connected with one of our experienced and friendly staff members.

Join our talented healthcare team and find what you deserve, today.

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"First time in a LONG TIME....I feel VALUED!!!!! I would and have recommended other healthcare (professionals) to join Highland."

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