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Long Term Care CNA


Northfield Retirement Community

Job Title


Job Number


Start Date

Quick Start


CNA, Long Term Care, LTC

Contract Length



6am-2pm or 2pm-10pm; could do 12hr shifts also



About the Position

Provide direct care to residents, under the supervision of a licensed nurse, in accordance with facility policies and procedures and report resident needs and concerns to a licensed nurse.


1.  Must successfully complete a training and competency evaluation program approved by the State of Nebraska or be able to complete such within 120 days of employment and/or in the Nebraska Registry as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

2.  Competent to provide nursing related services.

3.  Maintain a minimum of 12 hours of in-services per year as mandatory by facility and Nebraska State regulations (6 every 6 months).

4.  Must be at least sixteen (16) years of age.

5.  Cannot have been convicted of any crime related to any services to be provided under this job description, including, but not limited to moral turpitude, assault or violence.

6.  Must be able to speak and understand the English language or a language understood by a substantial portion of the facility’s residents.

7.  Physical ability to perform job-related duties, which may require lifting up to 50lbs, standing, bending, transferring, stooping, stretching, walking, pushing and pulling.

8.  Possess personal qualities making it possible to maintain good interpersonal relationships. Ex: respect for each person as an individual, kindness, and loyalty.

9.  Must have excellent oral and written communication skills.

10.  Must be able to work at any Northfield Retirement Communities Long Term Care, or Assisted Living facility as assigned.

ResponsibilitiesAssists patients in the following areas:

1.  Personal care functions including:

a.  Bathing (bed, tub, shower or sponge bath)

b.  Skin Care

c.  Toileting (bedpan, urinal, commode and/or toilet)

d.  Grooming (shampoo, nail care and shaving)

e.  Oral hygiene (denture care)

f.  Assist with Dressing and undressing

2.  Assists with feeding of residents and distribution of meal trays.

3.  Measuring and recording intake and output.

4.  Weigh residents using upright, chair and bed scale, report changes within 3 lbs to charge nurse.

5.  Assists in turning and positioning of residents.

6.  Proper transfer techniques.

7.  Demonstrates appropriate knowledge for safe use of medical equipment (cane, crutches, walkers, Hoyer Lift, side rails, brace, and splints)

8.  Helps keep resident’s rooms clean and supplied.

9.  Assists with admission and discharge of patients as directed.

10.  Ensures a safe, clean environment for residents and co-workers.  Initiate corrective action.

11.  Performs nursing tasks as directed (vital signs, collection of specimens, etc.)

12.  Provides for proper and safe care of patient’s clothing and valuables.

13.  Promptly reports all changes in resident’s condition, including skin integrity, to supervising nurse.

14.  Maintain strict confidentiality at all times.

15.  Properly documents intake and output of resident’s condition and all care provided according to the facilities policy and procedures.

16.  Answer call lights and make rounds at minimum of every 2 hours unless otherwise stated.

17.  Complete assignments timely and accurately.

18.  Listen to resident and family complaints and report problems to Charge Nurse.

19.  Follow resident care plans and assignment sheets accurately.

20.  Consistently work cooperatively with residents, charge nurses, restorative, other nursing assistants, medication aides, physicians, families, consultant personnel, ancillary service providers and all other departments and team members.

21.  Come to work in a neat, clean uniform with nametag and gait belt and consistently present an appropriate professional appearance.

22.  Come to work as scheduled and demonstrate dependability and punctuality.

23.  Assume accountability for data contained in the employees’ handbook.

24.  Observe infection control procedures.

25.  Follow Resident’s Rights policies.

26.  Perform other duties as assigned.

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