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Northfield Retirement Community

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Licensed Practical Nurse, LPN

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AM shift or night shift



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About the Position

Provide and coordinate nursing care in compliance with facility policies and procedures and to assess residents’ care needs and take appropriate action and to report resident’s needs and concerns to the Director of Nursing.


1.  Successfully hold a current unencumbered license in the Stat of Nebraska.

2.  Successfully completed accredited school of nursing.

3.  Competent to provide nursing related services according to scope of practice.

4.  Maintain licensure requirements set by the State of Nebraska.

5.  Ability to direct and supervise staff.

6.  Cannot have been convicted of any crime related to any services to be provided under this job description, including, but not limited to moral turpitude, assault or violence.

7.  Must be able to speak and understand the English language or a language understood by a substantial portion of the facility’s residents.

8.  Physical ability to perform job-related duties, which may require lifting up to 50lbs, standing, bending, transferring, stooping, stretching, walking, pushing and pulling.

9.  Possess personal qualities making it possible to maintain good interpersonal relationships. Ex: respect for each person as an individual, kindness, and loyalty.

10.  Must have basic computer skills, excellent oral and written communication skills.

11.  Adhere to the Code of Ethics adopted by the N.N.A.

12.  Comprehensive knowledge of general nursing theory and practice.

13.  Skill in identifying problems and planning for their solutions.

14.  Initiative and judgment in determining needs of nursing program and maintaining patient care in conformance with recognized standards of the medical unit.

15.  Must be able to work at any Northfield Retirement Communities Long Term Care, or Assisted Living facility as assigned.

ResponsibilitiesAssists patients in the following areas:

1.  Follow established standards of nursing practices and implement facility policies and procedures.

2.  Supervise and evaluate all direct resident care and initiate corrective action as necessary.

3.  Obtain and provide report from nurse being relieved and record sufficient information to implement appropriate follow-up action as necessary.

4.  Conduct resident rounds daily, reporting problems to the Director of Nursing and initiating corrective action.

5.  Identify resident problems and emergency situation and initiate corrective action according to Resident’s Advanced Directives.

6.  Provide supervision to nursing assistants/medication aides providing direct resident care.

7.  Administer and document direct resident care, medications and treatments per physicians’ orders and accurately record all care provided.

8.  Perform and document comprehensive assessment care plan based on each resident’s needs and his/her comprehensive assessment.

9.  Promptly report changes in residents’ conditions to the physician, Director of Nursing, and responsible party, and take follow-up action as necessary.

10.  Follow facility admission procedures and communicate resident admission to other departments, physicians and ancillary service providers.

11.  Follow facility discharge/transfer procedure and coordinate discharge/transfer with other departments, physicians and ancillary service providers.

12.  Complete documentation as required for any admissions, discharges, transfers, or changes regarding residents.

13.  Competently perform basic nursing skills.

14.  Supervise response to resident’s call for assistance.

15.  Listen to resident, family, or physician concerns and initiate corrective action and/or report concerns to Director or Nursing.

16.  Count narcotics and exchange keys.  Report any discrepancies immediately to Director of Nursing.

17.  Check meal trays and nourishment to ensure proper diet is served and residents are assisted as necessary, record accurate intakes of meals and fluids consumed by the resident.

18.  Supervise the application and removal of devices used to position and enable residents to function as independently as possible.

19.  Order, receive and store medications appropriately.

20.  Notify physician, and residents’ representative when necessary, of changes in residents’ conditions, weight, medication errors, vital signs, abnormal laboratory/X-Ray results and any other unusual observations.

21.  Document resident’s assessments and progress notes as required.

22.  Document progress notes on unstable residents, Medicare residents and recently admitted residents should follow up on falls, antibiotic use, and following the resident care plan schedule.

23.  Consistently work cooperatively with residents, nursing staff, physicians, families, consultant personnel, community agencies and ancillary service providers.

24.  Obtain continuing education required to maintain licensure.

25.  Be responsible for the safety of residents under his/her supervision.

26.  Come to work in a neat, clean uniform with nametag and gait belt and consistently present an appropriate professional appearance.

27.  Come to work as scheduled and demonstrate dependability and punctuality.

28.  Assume accountability for data contained in the employees’ handbook.

29.  Observe infection control and Safety procedures.

30.  Follow Resident’s Rights policies.

31.  Perform other duties as assigned.

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